We’re proud to have over 500 homes across more than 12 successful developments to our name – a name that we’ve built on a foundation of quality workmanship and excellent service.
Our more than 15 years in the business means that we know every aspect of property development, from the conceptualization phase through to the launch of each new build. And it’s through our meticulous planning and in-depth local property knowledge that we give our clients or investors access to some of the best real estate opportunities in Cameroon.

Designed for life

While each of our project has its own unique personality and appeal, one thing that never changes is our commitment to creating interior and exterior spaces that complement your lifestyle.
We spend considerable time ensuring that each building is not only beautiful, but features smart design, first-class finishes, and an effortless flow. Shared areas like green or pool take pride of place in most of our developments, creating an inviting space where neighbors and kids can connect.

Why invest with us?

We manage it all
Our team has an extensive understanding of every aspect of property development, from conceptualization through to the final space. And if you’re an investor, we’ll even market and manage your property for you.
We work with the experts
No development would succeed without a team of architects and contractors who know their stuff. And we’re proud to work with some of the very best in the business. So, you can rest assured your investment is in good hands.
We’re always innovating
Because we’re single-minded about creating homes that deliver clever living at its out-of-the-box best, our in-house design team pushes the limits with each new build. The result? Smart design that translates into even smarter spaces.

We’ve done it all before
With more than 500 projects to our name, you can count on us to deliver successful developments, time and again.
We design lifestyles
From pools and social areas, to gyms and private gardens, our developments are built around the lifestyles of our residents.
We build with the environment in mind
Centralized septic tank system, LED lighting and VOC-free paint are standard features in all our new developments.

Above all, we deliver outstanding returns on investment

We not only create buildings that enhance suburbs and boost their potential, but ones that provide buyers with sound investment opportunities in Cameroon’s thriving property market.

Our Vision & Mission Statement

“We don’t build buildings; we create lifestyles.”
We seek to reflect a passion for life in real estate development. We see every project being undertaken as a commitment to improving people’s living standards, and an opportunity to change our world for the better from aesthetic, functional and environmental aspects. Consistent with our motto “Go Beyond”, we aspire to consistently surpass our current achievements, prosper in real estate development by embracing innovative thoughts and working hard to achieve new business goals. We are committed to taking on any new challenges in order to become a leading property developer in Cameroon.

Our people

Our team of property professionals is committed to creating outstanding investment opportunities for buyers, designing contemporary lifestyles for residents, and providing employment for more than 4000 Cameroonians.