Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tile

The most popular roofing fashion tile of modern times with reasonable design and historical inheritance. Occupying the least space of overlapping hasp, straight water channel never stopping the rain, popular groove matching perfectly to replace the traditional roofing tiles shape and zine.

Stone coated steel tiles have a durability of over 50 years on building if compared to its quality is affordable than our traditional zine roofing. We will recommend a new home owner to take some little time to compare the price and durability of stone coated steel roofing tiles as to traditional zine roofing to see the great difference.


Overall Size                                     1340mm x 420mm

Length of Cover                             1290mm

Width of Cover                              370mm

Area of Coverage/Tile                   0.477m3

Tiles/SQM                                       2.1 pcs

Weight/Tile                                    2.8 kg

Finished Stone coated Roofing Tiles Projects